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Your Readers are Publishers Too

Yazan: admin | 07 September 2013 | No Comments
Categories: Ecommerce

Too often we charge ahead and treat the web as if it were just like any other medium. We know it isn’t, but somehow we just can’t resist retaining complete control of the creation and publication of our website and newsletter content.

The Calling Card Alternative

Yazan: admin | 06 September 2013 | No Comments
Categories: VOIP

For a few years now, the calling cards business is booming. Everywhere you go, everywhere you search you might find one: in WallMarts, grocery stores, newspaper stands, vending machines in coffee shops. But the place you can find the most of these long distance alternatives is the internet. A quick search on Google, Yahoo or […]

Benefits to RSS

Yazan: admin | 05 September 2013 | No Comments
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RSS streamlines communication between publishers and readers. Since RSS has had a popularity surge, webmasters have been experimenting and using RSS feeds to deliver content in new and innovative ways. Typically, RSS feeds contain news headlines and content summaries. The content summaries contain just enough information without overwhelming the reader with superfluous details. If the […]

Internet Marketing Idea: Publish an Ezine

Yazan: admin | 02 September 2013 | No Comments
Categories: Ezine Publishing

Chances are if you surf the net much you have noticed that almost every website offers a free newsletter or ezine in some form or other. Wonder why someone would go to so much trouble to publish a newsletter and offer it for free? The answer is because it is a brilliant Internet marketing idea. […]