Marketing on the Cheap: Write? Right!!

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We all know the value of writing articles for promoting your website or online store. However, writing articles to promote your old-fashioned, traditional brick and mortar business has been around forever.

Self Publishing At The Speed Of Thought

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Publishing, both electronic and hard copy, from articles to books, has come a long way in recent years. I used to be fascinated by anyone who had become a “real” author of a book. For that matter, anyone who had been published in a magazine or newspaper!

Eight Tips for Ezine Writers

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Have you ever wondered why Ezine Articles have become one of the most effective marketing techniques on the Web?

How to Write Inspirational Articles for Newsletters

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Inspirational articles were once limited to self-help and religious publications, but they are just about everywhere now. (Think about those wildly popular Chicken Soup books or most of the stories in Reader’s Digest, for example.) Inspirational articles can be very useful in newsletters, because they make a human connection between the newsletter publisher and the […]

Resolutions? Try this!

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Several articles and newsletters with the message that New Year’s resolutions are a worthless exercise and a poorly disguised setup for failure have passed across my desk this last week, and the year before, and the year before that.

How To Get Your Article or Ebook Started Fast… Time Saving Tips To Get Your Writing Moving..

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As we have all heard time and again (and it’s very, very true), writing articles for ezines/newsletters and ebooks is a great way to increase your exposure, brand your name, establish yourself as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), increase your subscriber/optin base and ultimately, increase that so-longed for amount of cash in your bank account.