11 Rock Solid Techniques For Generating Product Ideas Anytime Anywhere!

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Whatever business you are in, either online or offline,
you’ve got to constantly generate business/product ideas.

If you’ve ever wondered how on earth those big corporations
and companies generate wonderful and irresistible products
plus powerful and revolutionary ideas, here are the 11
basic principle behind it all and the greatest of news is
that it can be applied to any business.

1. Pick up an existing product, add additional benefits and
offer it at the old price or at a cheaper price.

2. Strip an existing product to the basics and offer the
real substance at a basic price. Here is a very good
illustration. Thousands of great and free email services
exist on the web with great features but the truth is this;
only a fraction of the users really use all the additional
features and believe me, a lot get confused because it
seems so complicated.

Strip off all the “niceties” and offer a simple straight
forward and easy to use email. See what I mean?

3. Add speed of delivery to a basic product or service.
This is the number one reason why the Internet is such a
big “boom”. Speed. Incorporate it in your new product.

4. Enhance design and packaging of a basic product.

5. Design an existing product to increase speed and reduce
stress. This is the one great reason why all those things
with the tag “instant” sell like crazy and it is the reason
why you have a microwave oven in your house!

6. Generalise a hoarded technology or idea. As an instance,
website design used to be reserved for professional web
programmers until someone came around and “burst” up the
whole thing with the “What You See Is What You Get”
programs. If you see an hoarded information or technology
in your field of business, “burst the bubble” and go wild
with your product.

7. Package a “something made easy”. Everybody loves it.

8. If you can’t find something you really need, it means so
may other people out there can’t find it too. Turn your
need to a product and meet the needs of others too!

9. Combine attributes to offer better value. The web is
getting stronger simply because of added attributes being
incorporated daily; chat, videos, flash etc

10. Add something “jazzy” to an existing product. Have you
heard of “crazy jeans”? I have even seen “torn jeans”. That
might be all your product needs to create a product that
will cause a market “BANG”.

11. Inspirational Product. These are the products that come
to you in a “flash”. If you take time to fire your thinking
using the other 10 techniques, you will reach a point of
inspiration. Use it.

Creating great products that are not just great but also
sell is not so difficult. Just keep at these 11 tips until
you reach a point where you can create product ideas effortlessly.

Remember, Never Resign To Fate, Always Refire Your Faith.

(c) Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, 2004


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(c) Oluwafisayo Akinlolu, 2004.



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