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Benefits of Home Sleep Apnea Tests

Those who have been suspected of having Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA needs to have a sleep study performed in order to diagnose properly such disorder. There are actually two tests that will help to determine a diagnosis. These two would be through an attended polysomnogram or PSG and the other is through an unattended home sleep test or HST.

Most of the referrals for the sleep testing starts with their visit to their regular doctor. If ever sleep apnea has been suspected, a physical examination of the airway, throat, lungs and heart will be recommended. Some other possible sleep disorder will need a neurological examination.

HSTs or home sleep tests are now being used to help determine obstructive sleep apnea. But, there are actually some important considerations that needs to be made on the selection process for in-lab sleep studies and home sleep tests. But in this article, we will be talking more about the benefits of home sleep tests.


Home sleep tests are considered to be more affordable options than PSGs. HSTs is in fact an attractive alternative compared to PSGs for both insurance companies and patients that are paying from their pockets. There are in fact many insurance companies who are requesting for the HST as their first option in diagnosing sleep apnea.

Accessibility and Comfort

Having a sleep test in your own home is actually more convenient for patients that don’t like the idea of staying overnight at labs, remote locations or not able to sleep at labs due to other medical issues.

Have more Accuracy

An in home sleep study is still as accurate when it comes to tests that are done in sleep centers. Evaluations have higher rates of precision in diagnosing the existence and also the severity of sleep apnea as well as other sleep disorders.

Scheduling Advantage

It is much easier to have the patients show up at the lab and get an HST device compared to filling in beds. A sleep lab can only cater several patients every night because of the limitations of beds. Another thing is that the sleep clinic also need to have sleep technologists who will monitor the study. Mot of the sleep technologists works with two patients every night.

Ideal for High Risk OSA Patients

Patients who were found at high risk of sleep apnea based with their family history, medical history and physical evaluation are found to be ideal candidates with HSTs. Some signs that needs to be looked for in high risk patients would be with the neck size, BMI, age, upper airway evaluation and craniofacial anatomy. For patients who were properly screened, the HST will be designed to help determine the severity of the sleep apnea and not only for ist existence.

Due to the accessibility, low cost as well as a convenience to it for patients, a lot more people are in fact getting sleep apnea diagnosed and treated. Also, as long as the medical professionals do proper screening for their patients for evidence of other sleep disorders and in providing education on using HST devices, HSTs will continue to grow as an essential tool to help determine sleep apnea.

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