7 Benefits Of Using Newsletter Templates

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1. Time saver. To get going make a quick visit to http://www.free-newslettertemplates.com/newsletter_templates.html and grab some templates for free. You could then have a basic newsletter ready to send in no more then 10-15 minutes. The template will work as a guide, saving you up to hours of work.

2. The obvious format issue. Use the same template when sending your newsletters and they will look the same. Newsletters that change the format, look and internal order of sections and content, tend to confuse the reader.

3. Acceptance. The reader will be easier to make into a reader if the content is presented in a formatted and easy to read manner.

4. Once accepted and read, will you increase your conversion rate when selling. And the number of people reading ads in your newsletter (if you use ads).

5. Imagination and creativity. When you open a text editor and begin your work with the next issue of your newsletter will you notice that a blank page stops you dead cold in your creative work. You will have to decide how to begin, what to write and so on. This robs you of important time and momentum you could have channelled into actually writing content.

6. Sending the newsletter. When you use a template as a base for your newsletter, and you have finished it and sent it. Will your life become much easier the next time. You should always send a test issue to yourself and check out how the finished, emailed content look. But the danger of having your next issue wrecked by internet formatting standards in mail handling by the server is greatly reduced when you use the same template each time.

7. Use templates as “templates”. Many never take the idea of templates this far. Download and check out the templates above. Choose one you like and change, delete or add things you want or need. Save it with a new name and voil


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