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Top Questions for Buying a Button Machine

Anyone who wants to make buttons needs to purchase a button press. Usually, these types of buttons are used as a promotional tool. Historically, politicians have given these buttons to supporters as a way to promote themselves. With a button press, you can make a multitude of different buttons. Here are some questions you might have when deciding which type of button press machine is best for you. With the help of these tips, you can select the button making machine that you need in order to grow your business.

Your first question might be concerning which size of button press you should purchase. Different industries have different button standard button sizes. To make several button sizes, you need to buy an electric button press. These devices use interchangeable dies for making different sizes and variations. A major drawback of the electronic machines is that they generally cost more than the manual ones. Therefore, it does not make sense to buy an electronic button press if you only need to make one size of button. It may even be more cost effective to purchase two manual button makers instead of one electronic one. Sometimes, companies may offer you a special discount for purchasing multiple devices.

Another common question concerns making the artwork that goes on the buttons. For this you can use any of the free or paid graphic design programs on the market. On the internet, you can also find many sources of information and inspiration in order to design your button artwork. The kind of paper that you print your artwork on is also important. For photographs of people, for example, you should use photograph paper.

Finally, here are some brief definitions of the button parts. The mylar is the clear piece that covers the front of the button. The graphic or artwork is, of course, the image that you want on the button. At the back of the button, there is the metal shell that holds all the parts together. And of course, attached to the back of the shell is the metal pin. Alternatively, you could put a mirror instead of a pin here.

Some types of buttons require additional parts. A metal ring that sits underneath the mylar is called a collet. Sometimes you need to include a shim. This will keep the artwork from moving around in the shell. All of these button components are typically available from your button machine company. You can also buy them from other manufacturers as well, but buying them from the same company is the best way to make sure that you do not have any compatibility issues.

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