An Open Door To Your Home Wireless Internet Network Security?

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This is not some new fangled techno-speak, it is a real tool to be used for the protection of your wireless internet network and LAN. African American SMBs have to realize that if your Internet connection is on 24/7 then your network, and it is a network that your computer is connected to, is at risk. Any business that uses the Internet to share or exchange information, news, or ideas with clients, vendors, partners, or other locations look in the reflection of your monitor and realize that your business is an unintentional (or intentional) target.

You should already be aware of all the thousands of bugs, viruses, denial of service attacks and other unfriendly items that lurk on the internet and virtually try attacking every second. It’s like having a screen door on your most valuable assets. Let’s not repeat what you know about, let’s look at a larger picture that should concern everyone – the unknown. There are attacks that go unreported for various reasons, these are the ones that the major software and hardware vendors have no clue about and can only warn you after an attack is reported.

If your files, email, identity, client or product information are important to your african american business and you cannot afford a network being down for 24 hours. Then a firewall is what should be between the internet and everything else. You need to expect an intrusion if you have a small amount or no network protection. Hackers have tools that search the Internet 24/7 looking for a vunerable point to destroy. Overzealous marketers use similar tools to harvest information to use for spamming and unfortunately no one currently calls that a crime that we know as identity theft.

You have a deadbolt and a door lock on your front door and some even have a home security system in place. Why have a screen door latch on your home computer network, when you know there are people trying that door 24/7?

If you want to put a digital rottweiler between your home wireless network and hackers, marketers and other cyber-vandals then evaluate a strong firewall for your african american business.

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