Are You Worth Investing In?

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Do you realise that if you’re green you’re growing and if you’re ripe you’re rotten? So says Winston Marsh, Business Marketing Guru in his recent newsletter.

Here’s an excerpt from it …

“Over the last week or so I have been presenting a series of seminars for MYOB throughout New Zealand and I have made an amazing discovery.

Most people would rather service their car than service their brain!

Now what do I mean by this? Well, quite simply, nobody gives a second thought to putting their car in for service or to get it fixed. They might moan and groan about the cost but they’ll still do it.


Because they need their car to get around! They rely on it and have become dependent on it. So, no matter what the cost, they get the car serviced or fixed or whatever. They might have to beg, borrow or steal to pay for it but they front up with the money and get it done.

But, it’s a whole different scene and set of feelings when it comes to an investment in the most important piece of machinery— that money making, good time creating piece of machinery called themselves.

So many people have truckloads of reasons and excuses as to why they can’t spend some time or money to get better at what they do… and some of the reasons are pathetic.”That’s the night that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is on” or “I’m too tired after work” or “I went to something like that once and I didn’t like it” or “I can’t afford it” or whatever are the reasons that they don’t invest in their brain.

Yet there’s only thing that will determine your income and level of success and that’s your brain … what you feed it on and how you use it determines your results. Look after it and fill it with new ideas and information and it will richly reward you. Neglect it and it will fade and fail.”

The Final Word

I’ve found that those people who do not invest time and money in themselves and rely on their employer to pay for their development, dance to someone else’s tune. They leave their future in someone else’s hands.

In fact most people drift along in life taking whatever is dished out to them.

They cannot ‘be bothered’ investing any extra time, money or energy in themselves. It’s much easier to float with the crowd.

I also notice that many of the clients I have who invest their own money into their coaching program are extremely committed to making changes into their lives. They move ahead in leaps and bounds compared to clients who have had their program funded by their company.

When you pay for something yourself, you are more likely to value it.

If you really want to move ahead in your life, isn’t it time that you started to invest in yourself?

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