B2B Marketing Tips – Create an Interactive Online Experience for Clients

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Business to business communications on the web are as stale as a piece of week old toast.

As a marketing director you want to give your company the biggest bang for it’s marketing buck.

Here are five tips to help you do that:

1. Offer an Electronic newsletter

Electronic newsletters are easy to implement and even easier to maintain.

Through offering an electronic newsletter you give your company the ability to:

(A) stay in contact with current and new customers.
(B) offer industry related news to partners.
(C) offer company updates to staff and partners alike.
(D) identify what your prospects are most interested in.

These are only a few of the benefits an intelligent E-newsletter campaign can reap.

2. Increase useability by getting visitors and clients involved

Installing interactive guides, links, and other resources into the site gives the visitor a sense of purpose.

In short, they will be able to find what they want, how they want, and when they want easily.

This only increases the likelyhood they will be interested in doing business with the company.

3. Add contact forms

Remember when you read a brochure for a product or service your company could be interested in and they had a phone number listed?

Those days are rapidly disappearing and they are being replaced by interactive forms on the web in which decision makers can take 5 minutes, feel out a form, and go back to their daily duties.

Instead of placing a 1-800 number or your extension on the site install a simple form for prospective clients to fill out.

Let’s not forget current customers either. Take a moment and put a feedback form on the site and discover exactly what issues business clients are interested in.

4. Make the literature easier to read

Or the scanbility factor as it’s commonly referred to by web professionals.

Scanibility is the ease in which a reader can get to the heart of the message without having to read every single word on the page.

Make it easier to read the company literature by breaking it up with header’s, bullets, checklists, and speed up the time it takes for clients to get the information.

After all, they are as busy as you are and the last thing they need is to spend 30 minutes trying to decipher the message on the web site.

5. Online Demostrations

Now, more than ever it’s easy to install interactive online demonstrations of products and services.

A screen shot of a crew installing the companies lights or videos sharing the benefits of the new computer filing system are becoming quite easy and affordable to make available for visitors to the company website.

In summary

Savvy marketing directors are learning the benefits of turning the stale static website into a living, breathing, force for their companies.

These five tips will help the company become more effecient in the art of web-based marketing communications and increase potential and current clients interest in doing business with them.


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