Costs and Expenses Incurred Through Drug Rehab

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Costs and Expenses Incurred Through Drug RehabThe irony of the cost of drug rehab is that many addicts are reluctant to go partly because of the money involved in visiting a rehab facility, and yet, the cost generally adds up to far less than a year’s worth of kicks.

It’s hard to put an exact number on rehab and say “This is what you’re going to pay in order to get well” because it really is different for everyone. Some people are able to get grants and loans in order to attend rehab, others can get help from friends and families, some insurance policies cover rehab, and some people can go on government funding. The only universal truth regarding rehab pricing is that worrying about the cost is, more often than not, just an excuse not to go.

Once you identify the nagging little voice in the back of your head, it’s easier and easier to not listen to it. The voice that says “You’ll have to publicly admit that you’re addicted, it costs too much, you don’t really have a problem, you can quit any time you want.” That voice provides some comfort, but it’s lying, constantly, and you know it’s lying.

Getting well has to start with a commitment to getting well, and figuring out how to pay for rehab, for many, is part of making that commitment. If you’re willing to move out of your old apartment and spend some money on rehab, you’d darn well better get well because you’ve invested this much money, time, and effort into doing so.

What Will Insurance Cover?

Even if your policy covers rehab, not everything is usually covered by a single policy. You have to learn to tell the difference between insurance covered costs and fee-for-service costs, and it can be different depending on what policy you’re holding with what company.

You’ll have to talk to your provider to find out for sure, but in general, things like medical treatment, detoxification, and medically necessary therapy will be covered while the massages and day spa treatments you get at some high end treatment facilities will not be. In general, anything that is necessary is covered while things that are only a big help will not.

What Really Matters

You’re going to want to talk to an intake adviser in order to get an idea of what sort of treatments you’re going to need, how long you’re going to need to be staying at the facility and what it’s going to cost. What really matters is simply getting well.

Even if a rehab facility costs more than you were expecting, even if your insurance doesn’t cover as much as you thought it would, the fact remains that the cost of addiction almost always outweighs the cost of being healthy.

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