Crafts You Can Make with Loom Rubber Bands

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Loom rubber bands are simple and functional, yet they have some hugely untapped creative potential. The originally started out as a tool used by pediatric occupational therapists. It has now evolved into an activity that engages a child’s dexterity and visual perception. With a little imagination and creativity, you and your children will be able to create a variety of crafts they will enjoy for years to come while simultaneously stimulating their cognitive abilities.

One of the most basic crafts you can do with loom rubber bands is the rainbow bracelet. Since each color has its own specific meaning, you can bring some depth and emotion to a fun craft. Ask your children to create different bracelets for every mood they find themselves in throughout the day. This way, they can tap into their creative potential while learning about their cognitive and emotional abilities as well.

Besides making bracelets, the loom rubber bands allow you to make necklaces, charms, rings, hair bands, or anything else imaginable. You could create a scarf for a doll, or a long rope to play with. The children can customize their color palates, thus allowing them to develop a visual aesthetic while having loads of fun with their friends. There is also very little risk of injury while doing this craft.

It is the perfect indoor activity for those days where the sun is hidden behind dark storm clouds. It is an easy way to brighten up a lazy and boring afternoon, turning it into a creative and engaging one.

Once you become accustomed to making bracelets and necklaces, you can branch out to make figures like flowers and lady bugs, even creating little scenes out of the rubber loom bands. Once you have mastered the skill of the craft, the possibilities of what you can make are endless. Challenge your child and their friends to each create a part of a greater scene. For example, one can make a flower, another can make a lily pad, and so on, until you have a fun scene that they’ve all made together. Your level of creativity is the only boundary.


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