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In the last newsletter we talked about ‘Your Reason Why’, and how having emotional reasons for doing things gives them real power. To see this article go to

The next logical thing to consider is how do we find our reason why.

In doing this I am aware that everyone is at a different place in their lives. Some have thought about these questions often, and others are only aware of what things they enjoy. The method that I will outline here is just one way that has worked for me. Feel free to take what you want from it, and leave out or change what does not feel right to you. Also be aware that this is not a process that is done once, and is finished. It evolves and changes over time. It is not necessary to do each step until you are 100 percent satisfied with it, before moving on to the next step. However, I believe it is necessary to do each step, and to write down the results of each step, and then to review and update that document periodically.

The first step is to define your vision statement. If everything was perfect, how would the world look?

For a start you may like to just define how your town would look, or how your family would be, or how your work place would be. This works best if your vision is for something bigger than just yourself, so if you need to, reduce the scope from the world, down to a manageable part of the world, or a manageable area of life. You may like to initially limit this to just thinking about something that will make you feel satisfied or fulfilled.

There are a number of questions you can ask to help you in defining your vision. Questions like:


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