Feeds For Small Business: Real World Examples

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A merchant I was talking to the other day asked to me, “Aren’t feeds for bigger companies with IT people on staff?” All they knew about feeds was that bigger companies , news providers etc., were using them. After I explained how that particular merchant could use a feed for her business, she were quite excited about the prospect of doing just that.

The particlular merchant I was talking to in fact, had no web site, and did not see the need for one. But after we discussed feeds she definately thought that a feed service could benefit her business.

Feeds can benefit any business online or not. below are a couple of samples of how feeds can be used.

In the first scenario the particular merchant does not have a web site. A compnay such as ours can develop a feed for that merchant. We can have a web page developed with the information the merchant wants on it, such as weekly specials, etc. We host the feed and web page on our server. We update the feed and web page for the merchant on a contract basis. The merchant simply contacts us with the new information they want their customers to know. They can contact us by e-mail or by phone or even by snail mail if they wish.

In their retail outlet they will pass out a flyer or brochure announcing their new feed service for their customers. The flyer will have the URL of the page we have developed for the merchant, the URL of the merchant’s feed, how the customers can get a free reader, and instruction and education pages for the customers so that they can become familiar with the benefits and safety of feeds. They will be interested since they can receive information about that merchant with No Spam, No Junk Mail amd No Virus download threat.

Customers that enter the feed into their readers will get updated information about that particular merchant. The merchant does not need a web site to do this or have people sign upfor a mailing list. The customer is in control since they can add, and delete, any feed from their reader at any time.

For a merchant that has a web site, but may not have time to develop a feed or pages, they can do the same thing as above. They can have us, or a company like ours, to handle the feeds, pages and hosting. The merchant can post the feed information on his or her web site for people to get a free reader, the feed URL, as well as edcutional material aboutr feeds that we supply for their customers.

For people that have web sites that were developed by others, and have little or no knowledge of how to update their site, we also provide web site maintenance. We can update their site with any information they wish.

This feed service can be offered by online and offline businesses. Any business or organization, whether corporate, a bricks an mortar retail business, a home based business, or online business, can use this service to better help their customers and/or members find the best deals on products and services and information from right in their community and from around the world.

For more information on feeds and our business packages please go to the following site: http://1feed.com/temp/addafeed

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