Germs in the Gym? The Best Time to Build Your Home Gym is Now!

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As recently reported in the nationwide news, there has been overwhelming evidence that your local gym is a germ farm. Many different types of bacteria are found on the equipment shared by other fitness enthusiasts.

The bacteria come mainly from bodily fluids that are released during exercise and other natural activities. Sweat is, essentially, waste product excreted from the body. It contains many forms of bacteria and water that can lead to the formation of bacteria. It is nearly impossible to eliminate all of the perspiration left on the machines. Wiping them down will only spread the bacteria around.

Other sources of bacteria are the spas and pools. Even though many clubs require a rinse shower before using the pools, not all of the bacteria are rinsed away and the spas and pools become cesspools to bacteria. Chlorine and the other chemicals used to sanitize them cannot possibly wipe them all out, and they are left to circulate and spread through the water systems.

The locker rooms are another problem area for germs. The bacteria are spread on the floor from athlete’s foot and wet towels that may contain unwanted germs. It is just too hard to wipe them out entirely.

There are solutions to the germ problem, while still getting a great workout. Many fitness machines are designed for residential use. They are great machines and offer the same benefits that the commercial equipment does. Many pieces of equipment offer a multitude of different workout routines and can be adapted for a variety of exercises. Treadmills and stationary bikes are some of the most popular items purchased for the home.

Building your home gym does not have to cost an arm and a leg. There are some great stores and websites that that specialize in selling used fitness equipment that has been reconditioned, and double checked for integrity. Buying pre-owned may be a good place to start, and might be all that is necessary for your home gym.

Your home gym will also bring with it some other great benefits than just the sanitation aspect. You can work out when you have the time, not when the gym is slow. There is now waiting for you treadmill reservation and you can shower up in the comfort of your own bathroom.

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