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If you’re anything like me, when you first wake up in the morning, eventually battle with the stuggle of getting up and prise open your eyelids, You need to start the day.
When your brain kicks in, you start thinking about the weather, what’s on the news which will be the hot topic in the office today, have I got any emails and so much more.

So you walk to the kitchen and you grab yourself a coffee, the probably turn the TV on for your daily burst of news or weather and the computer on to check if any of your friends have sent you pictures of their new dog.
Today, the weather is warm and cloudy, so when you can finally manage to get dressed, you decide on a shirt and jeans.
There’s a bit of news, your team won last night – that’s what the office will be talking about.
And you have an email from your Aunt Jemima with some pictures of her hoiday.

Now, imagine for one second, Imagine you didn’t need to turn the TV on to check the weather.
Imagine you could open your eyes and when you walked into the kitchen you get your much needed caffiene and you could instantly know what the weather’s like and what clothes you need to wear.

Imagine if you didnt need to turn on the TV to find out if there was news on your team, your local area or any other thing.
You could walk through your house knowing that your team won last night.

Imagine if you didnt need to turn on your computer to see if you have an emails, you could instantly know whether you have any emails, even before you turn that PC on!

Now, I hear you shout, how would that work?

Ambient Devices have released a wonderful new gadget which allows you to monitor information wirelessly from wherever you are. The Ambient Orb is a simple wireless object that unobtrusively presents information. Just like a clock on your wall, it allows information to be easy to access yet non-obtrusive. They communicate via subtle changes in color. So if your team won last night, it could show green and a brighter green the more they won by (or red if they lost!). Or could show green if its sunny or red for rain – It could even pulse to warn for snow or storms!

The Orb rteceives information Via a nationwide wireless network called the Ambient Information Network. It works in a similar way to cell phones and receivers. As it’s wireless you maybe worried about radiation. Well, technically just about everything that is powered in your house gives off radiation. Because the device only receives information, it gives off far less radiation than a cell phone or even a television.

The orb plugs simply into a power outlet, no computer is required, it doesnt need any configuration. Just plug it in and wait for the information to start flooding in.

For more information, check Ambient Orb or Buy an Orb


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