Got Lingo? The Terminology Of Marketing With Articles

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Every field or discipline has its own specialized vocabulary and marketing with articles is no different. Understanding and using the lingo of marketing with articles will help you get the most out of this brilliant technique. Continue reading below for a set of terms and definitions for marketing with articles.

Article Announcement Newsgroups/Lists – E-mail lists that accept article submissions from subscribers. Some newsgroups only accept articles in one narrowly defined topic while others will accept any topic.

Article Directory/Archive – A web site that accepts article submissions in a large variety of topics and organizes them by category. A few of these sites require you to pay to have your article archived on site.

Autoresponder – An e-mail message that is sent automatically when an email is received to the email account address. It is also used by authors in automatically delivering properly formatted text article submissions to editors.

Bibliography – A list of web sites, books and articles referenced in an article or publication.

Byline/Resource Box – A four or five line biography and contact information for the author of an article.

Copyright Notice – A one or two line statement that should be included in every article that includes the copyright symbol, date and owner.

Essay – A short article on a single subject written from the author’s personal viewpoint.

E-zines – Periodically published electronic newsletters delivered by e-mail.

E-zine Directories – Online directories of periodically published electronic newsletters.

Ghostwriter – An accomplished writer who researches and writes an article on an assigned topic under someone else’s name.

Paid Market – A publication that pays writers for articles. Paid markets often require original, unpublished articles.

Point of view – The perspective from which an article is written.

Query letter – A brief letter often sent by e-mail to an editor that proposes an article topic and content for publication.

Reprint guidelines – A set of guidelines that are determined by the author that must be followed in order to reprint an article.

Style guide – A document specifying the details of writing style such as punctuation, spelling and capitalization, etc.

Syndication – The process by which a web site is able to share information, such as articles, with other web sites.

Synopsis – A general overview or summary of an article.

Writer’s Guidelines – A set of guidelines determined by the publisher that outline requirements for articles such as topic, format, length, etc.

Learning these terms is required homework if you’re just beginning to market your work. After all, this is our lingo… real words for real writers. Singing our ABC’s fuelled us towards writing, knowing our lingo propels us towards success in marketing with articles that sell.

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