How Envelope Stuffing Scams Con

Here’s a legitimate looking advertisement found in the classified section of a local newspaper.

“Our Company will pay you up to $5 per envelope stuffed! Hurry this opportunity will not last long!”

Most work at home envelope stuffing scams look legitimate. A perfect way to make fast cash!

Now the hard cold facts: It’s practically impossible to make several hundred a week stuffing envelopes a few hours a day. This is what the promoters of these misleading ads want you; the unwary victim to believe.

Here’s how the scam works: The promoters of the envelope stuffing scam run an ad in a local paper offering great opportunities with their company stuffing envelopes. To get further details about this opportunity they request respondents send in a fee.

They further state the small fee is to separate the serious applicants from the non-serious factor. And they also assure you that you will quickly earn back the money.

Once they mail you the information you realize they were not offering a legitimate work at home job. And you will have to find your own customers/victims!

The fog clears, you realize you’ve been scammed!

You realize for your “fee” you’ve received a flimsy brochure and a letter instructing you how to place your own ad in local newspaper describing this great envelope stuffing job. You realize the only way you will recoup your fee or make any money is to recruit more victims for the company!

Avoid Scams-Use Your “Noggin”

Use your head. What company would pay an individual $1 or more per envelope stuffed?

Business owners would much rather purchase a letter folding and envelope sealing machine for a few hundred dollars than to pay you thousands per month for the same task!

Beware of these ads promising unrealistic salaries, amazing profits, without disclosing background information. Like how you will actually be paid. Weekly, monthly, quarterly. Are you considered an Independent Contractor or Company Employee. All very important things to consider.

Be wary of companies that request a fee up front before they will send you information on the opportunity. Most legitimate companies will not request a fee up front.

The Real Deal. The only true way to make money stuffing envelopes is to start your own Direct Mailing Service. Where you are the BOSS and are operating a legitimate business serving other small/home business owners. More on that in a future article.

If you’ve been scammed contact the following places.

The Federal Trade Commission.

Your local Consumer Protection Agency.

Your local Better Business Bureau.

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