How Medicare Part F Works With Medicare Part A and B

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Medicare is a serve that many seniors rely upon in order to receive the treatment and health care that they need. As great as Medicare is, it does not cover everything. That is where Medicare Plan F comes into play. It is offered by private insurance companies and works to supplement your Medicare benefits that you get from the federal government. In general, these plans cover any expenses that you may be billed for, and covers the difference between the fee your doctor charges and the amount your Medicare coverage will actually pay.

Supplemental Medicare Part A

Your Medicare Part A coverage will pay for your hospital care. Your Part F plan will pay your Part A deductible as well as your coinsurance payments. Part A only lasts so long; once that coverage runs out, your Plan F coverage will pay for 365 more days of hospitalization.

Supplement Medicare Part B

Your Medicare part B will pay for your general medical expenses, such as visits to the doctor and any labs or blood work that the doctor runs during your visit. Your Medicare Part F will pay your coinsurance so that you do not have to. They generally pay about 20% of the fee for you. They will also make any co-payments you are required to pay for services that you receive as a hospital outpatient.

Additional Coverage Provided By Plan F

Your Plan F will pay for any Part A and Part B deductibles that you are required to pay. It will also help with any co-payments that you have to pay for staying at a skilled nursing facility. If you travel abroad, it will cover any medical treatment you need while abroad.

Medicare is a great program. It allows seniors to get the medical care that they need as they age. However, you still have to pay co-insurance payments as well as high deductibles with Medicare. It does not take care of everything. One way to ease the financial burden of your medical care is to enroll in a Plan F. Plan F takes over where Medicare Plans A and B stop. It will cover your co-payments and deductibles, saving you a lot of money.


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