How to Follow up Your News Releases and Story Pitches

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Can you remember a story idea you pitched a year ago that resulted in no news coverage of any kind?

If so, how quickly could you respond if a reporter called you today wanting to cover the story? Would you start groping for words, or asking stupid questions like “Who did you say you wanted to interview?” Or would you be ready, on a second’s notice?

Sound ludicrous? Well, it happened to publicist Jill Lublin, who knew how to handle it, and it can happen to you, too.

A few years ago, Jill pitched an idea about one of her clients, a professional speaker, to Meeting Planner magazine. Despite several follow-ups, she never got a response.

“Then one year later–count ’em–365 days later, I got a call and this reporter said, ‘Yes, we want to do the story, and by the way, tomorrow. Are you ready?’ And of course the answer is yes, you’re always ready when the media calls.”

That’s valuable advice regarding follow-ups. Never assume a story pitch is dead.

Jill, co-author of the book Buerrilla Publicity,


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