How Toxic Is Your Home?

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We like to think of our homes as being a safe place to be–a refuge from
a dangerous world. Yet some of the exposures that you have
day-to-day that are most hazardous to your health and the health of
your family happen right at home.

The good news is that for every toxic product you’ll find in your home,
there is a safer alternative. You just need to know where to look for
those toxic exposures and what safe solutions are available.

Here are ten common toxic exposures most Americans have in their
homes, and some simple, inexpensive things everyone can do to reduce
household toxics.

1. Save yourself from exposure to toxic ammonia by washing your
windows with vinegar and water. Ammonia can cause irritation of the
eyes and respiratory tract, and burn your skin. Instead, mix distilled
white or apple cider vinegar half-and-half with water in a spray bottle.
Squirt on windows and wipe with recycled newspapers for a streak-free
super shine.

2. Free yourself from toxic formaldehyde exposure by sleeping on
untreated cotton sheets. Formaldehyde exposure can cause


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