Increasing Lightening Storm Intensity and Direction Control of Strikes

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Using four UAVs in formation with one C-130 Hercules Aircraft or 747 with onboard laser:…24266-2,00.html

These aircraft will either fly from the front or the rear of a formation of four other UAVs which will have aboard Composite Mirrors (University of Delaware White Papers Avail.) to reflect the laser around a pentagon formation. Each UAV will send energy around to each other by way of mirror. The final leg of the pentagon will not be returned to the main source of the laser. Each UAV will send reflective energy to the center of the formation, which will allow the beam to hit no aircraft in the formation. Each UAV will be coated with material, which will be charged the same as the lightning and therefore will not attract the lightning strike. In the center the beam will connect and then a chemical laser will shoot through that middle and attract the lightning by way of pulsed laser beam. Attracting the lightning at the desired interval and increase the intensity of the storm to intended best secure objective.

For military it would prevent enemy communication of various bands, for car washing it would mean everyone gets a free car wash, directed energy could be collected for a power source eventually, Intensive storms could help cloud formations where the flow was traveling to cooler areas and create a front for drought arid areas, filling up reservoirs or putting out fires?

In this model only where the chemical or particle lasers meet would the proper conditions exist for a lightning strike and with pulsed laser it would attract lightning at the proper interval provided there was some sort of storm already in the works to compound upon and intensify. 3D and 4D modeling could accurately predict the area of intended strike on the ground if needed or to deliver energy to a series or field of lightning rod dispersion devices to allow for collection into a battery source or electrical grid. Any thoughts along this idea would be appreciated.

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