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Benefits of Extended Warranty

Many people are faced with the decisions of whether to purchase extended warranties for their new products or not. In order to know the right decision to make concerning warranties, we will take you through the concept of extended warranty. People who purchase extended warranties for their products, will not have to incur costs in repairing their items when the original warranty period has ended. The following are some of the titles which can be used to mean extended warranty, these include service contract, product service agreement or extended service agreement. In this article, we will take you through the benefits of extended warranties.

One of the outstanding benefits of a warranty is that they allow customers to have repairs made to their products say electronic, with little or deductible. Though extended warranties are vital, consumers need to know for how long will their items be covered by the policy. When you purchase a service contract, you will not have to worry about costs involved in repairing your item suppose it gets damaged since the insurance company will take care of the costs on your behalf.

Before you buy an extended warranty, you need to know the products that can be covered by the policy. The following are a range of items that can be covered by extended warranties, they include household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves and kettles, electronic appliances including televisions, computers and games consoles, as well as household furniture such as sofas, beds, and wardrobes.

Due to the availability of many providers of extended warranties, consumers need to know the products that are covered by the company they want to trust them in protecting their items since the policies tend to vary from one insurer to another. Though extended warranties are known to protect most products, here are some of the exemptions. In the event you damage a paintwork, the repair costs will not be covered by the insurer. In addition to cosmetic damages, extended warranty may not cover costs not directly associated with the incident being claimed.

Costs such as mechanical breakdown during the period covered by the retailer’s warranty, and delivery or installation costs are not covered in most extended warranties.

The following are the tips to buying extended warranties. First and foremost, you need to know if the item you have purchased is among those that are included in extended warranties.

Besides, you need to determine whether you really need the warranty. However, you need to keep in mind that buying an extended warranty will be expensive when the product is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Before you decide to buy an extended warranty from a company, ensure that you have searched for a number of them and weigh their services. When you shop around, you will have options to choose from.

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