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Having The Oak Barrels That You Need

There were various ways used to transport whiskey and one of those required the use of oak barrels. It’s also a fact that oak was used in the process of making whiskey. Also, it’s already been proven that using oak is something that’s certain to enhance the taste and texture of the whiskey. If you’re to make a comparison, oak is like food seasoning for whiskey. However, you should know that there are also rules when it comes to using oak for whiskey.

You might be having second thoughts on why whiskey has to be put on oak barrels. You should realize that other types of wood barrels tend to have excess oils and resins. Others, like pine, are also found to be too porous. Since those attributes can lower the quality of whiskey, oak barrels are used to ensure that such a thing happens. Also, since oak is something that can be bent easily into a round shape, it’s ideal to have oak barrels for whiskey. Also, you should know that whiskey gets more aromatic qualities when placed in oak barrels. Some of the aromatic qualities that the whiskey can have would be tobacco, coffee, and smoke. This is why whiskey in oak barrels have distinctive and creamy nuance to it. The aromatic compounds and tannin content are also known to harmonize with the whiskey when put in an oak barrel. These reasons made oak barrels the ideal storage for whiskey and why these barrels are the usual barrels in the whiskey market.

Another thing that you should know about oak barrels is that it does not provide an air-tight condition for the whiskey. Due to this fact, oxygen still enters the barrel to soften its contents. The oak barrel also allows the evaporation of alcohol content which causes the flavor of the whiskey to be more concentrated. If you’re wondering why this is necessary, it is because of the fact that this maturation process is necessary for many kinds of red whiskey. The use of oak barrels is also something that’s popular when it comes to improving the flavor of white whiskey.

Being a vintner means that one must know which barrels to use for their whiskey and oak barrels are already ideal when it comes to whiskey aging. For aging, it’s important to remember that the size of the barrel is an important factor. Small oak barrels are ideal if you want the whiskey to be able to extract the aromatic values from the oak. If you’re making whiskey barrels from oak, then you should know that the age of the wood is also an important factor. It’s been proven that old oak barrels have less influence in the aroma of the whiskey. With that said, there are several types of oak barrels that can be used for whiskey. So if you want your whiskey to taste great in the end, using oak barrels is an ideal option.

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Interesting Research on Products – Things You Probably Never Knew


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