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I love this game. It has been half a century since I started to fall in love with baseball. The romance is still going strong. Playing, coaching, watching, listening, and reading about baseball has been part of my every day life since I was 15 years old. Even in the dead of winter when baseball is on the back pages of the newspaper, I will find out what new development has occurred or who has been signed or traded.

I want to write and read about all types of baseball stories that are inspiring. Why not? Isn’t being inspired a great way to live? Isn’t offering others an expression of what you love the ultimate gift?

I discovered my need to write and gather inspiring stories about baseball as I drove on Route 80 in Northern New Jersey in February 2004. I started thinking about the movies I have seen and the stories I have read that I loved. Why did I like these stories? What was “My” definition of a great story? I was fixed on finding an answer. I started thinking about the movie Field of Dreams, one of my all time favorites. Why did I like this corny
movie so much? Was Field of Dreams a metaphor for living out of your field of dreams? Was creating a clearing done to allow the dreams to show up? In the movie they cleared away a crop of corn to build a baseball field. Do we need to clear away some of our own corn fields to see the dreams that capture our hearts and then create a path to reach those

It was then I decided to open up a new road for myself. The direction I was meant to travel on. I love baseball. Oh I said that. I love great stories. I said that as well. Let me fuse these two passions, together. “Sounds good,” I said to myself. I guess I am pretty corny, huh. That is the birth of baseball’s pride and joy. The company I started that is dedicated to expressing inspiring baseball stories. Talk about a labor of love. This baby has been living inside me for over 30 years.

What could be better than finding your love and then nurturing it? I have discovered my essence. When I write these words, I see that I am on the field where I want to play.

Now, I can provide a place for others to tell their tale of baseball inspiration. Tell your


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