Ninja Anime Convention in San Diego

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Having been invited to this convention for anime lovers, I really was excited because this is the first time for me to be able to attend such an event that is similar to a comic convention. It is not as big because anime fans here in our area is not that many yet, but at least we are on our way to becoming something much more bigger in time. So for this time, I am planning to come to that convention dressed up as an anime ninja from the world of Naruto, which is my favorite anime series as of recent times. Securing a Naruto ninja outfit is easy, but this also made me think because maybe someone has already thought about this costume ahead of me since Naruto is a real popular anime not only in the US, but all over the world. I found the costume at

So I thought it best to have an alternative ninja karate costume, and the character I thought about next was Naruto’s mentor, Kakashi. I got that costume at Now this is so much more better because Kakashi happens to have a face mask, which can hide my identity too, and that is all the more better for me. The ninja outfit for Kakashi is also much simpler than Naruto, so I know that I can do modifications as needed fast and easy.

The convention will boast of a lot of anime lovers from the city and we even invited some of the writers and authors of the manga in Japan to guest up, and that makes things so much more exciting for fans of anime like me. If we do grow in the future and this becomes something similar to the annual comicon here in the US, then I am glad to be a part of the first of its kind here for anime lovers.


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