Rhinoplasty Surgery Closed Technique Overview

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Surgery on any facial organ is critical and requires high level of expertise. The procedure of conducting a surgery on the nose is certainly high risk and needs to be done by a surgeon with ample experience in such operations, such as an rpsinstitute doctor. The closed technique Rhinoplasty is one operation requiring pinpoint precision to be successful and unsurprisingly many surgeons won’t attempt it.

The closed procedure includes creating an incision in the nostril to reshape the nose. The surgery is performed on the feel of the nose and this is the reason for countless complications arising during the process. The scope of the surgery and the observation of surgeon with regard to the case will determine whether open or closed technique is to be followed. The closed method is preferred for simple requirements like removal of a dorsal hump, making amends on the tip or the bridge of your nose. Click here to see examples. Also imperative is to know that the prior shape of the patient’s nose will play a part in deciding which mode of surgery is to be conducted.  

The advantages of using closed technique Rhinoplasty are far more than the open method. There won’t a visible scar after the surgery due to the nose job being done from the inside. The procedure requires much less recovery time than the other technique. Less swelling after the surgery is a reason for a quicker healing time after closed technique operation is performed on a person. Mostly the patient is allowed to go home on the same day of the surgery. The cons related to the closed technique are majorly the highly complicated process involved and the lack of experienced surgeons who can confidently perform such critical procedure on the face. The cost of the surgery can also vary depending upon the person who performs such difficult procedure on the nose. 

The people who should consider Closed Rhinoplasty procedure include the ones who need grafting on the nose due to some problem, require some alterations after previous such surgery, or would like to give the nose a better shape. Notably the fashion models and female celebrities are apt candidates for such complex facial procedures to get a more defined look. Nose job is going to be an important decision for any individual and should be made after thorough consideration. Choose an experienced surgeon with a proven track record in such surgeries to avoid any problems later. Check the details and discuss it all with the doctor to come up with a perfect solution for your problems to sort them out faster. 


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