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Ways People are Treated with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is often utilized in patients with certain mental and medical conditions. This therapy is the bread and butter of all mental health practitioners especially by clinical psychologists. Researchers have found CBT to be an effective in solving problems such as anxiety and depression.

Ancient Greek philosophers like Epictetus, have contributed to the fundamentals of this theory. Epictetus, which was a progenitor of the modern CBT, had described the use of logos as a means to which we humans are able to identify and discard false beliefs that will lead to self-destructive emotions.

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy by Albert Ellis used the ABC model to which he described how our emotional state are affected by an erroneously believed circumstances. The irrational beliefs are often caused by false reasoning by our own emotions. It explains that problems arises from the inability to assess correctly the specific behaviors. As an example, if you were talking to a person that was paying attention at first but then suddenly had another conversation with a different person, you may start to believe him/her to be offensive, which makes you believe you’re conversation was not worthwhile. This makes you feel humiliated, you become angry and then engage in angry accusations to that person. However, CBT tries to challenge that belief by framing the scenario in such a way that you might see it in another perspective. It may be, in fact, the person you were talking too was listening to you intently and the inability to pay close attention to you maybe for another reason, perhaps another important matter the other person may have personal importance with and not directly boredom with your conversation.

The external factors we erroneously believe to be the cause may be a false presumption and it may be our own beliefs that has caused problems. Failures of our own expectations often contributes to this.

Cognitive behavioral therapy have been used for many problems of various clients. Severe problems of alcoholism and addiction can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy. Complex problems will often require a longer period of treatment. Therapists and clients may gradually see improvement in the patient. The therapy may be ended at any time by the patient if he/she chooses to do so.

Many mental health care companies are able to provide services adequately for clients such as means to implement CBT. Recent studies suggests, that there may be proof the emotional and cognitive links to behaviors. It has been suggested that our brains may have an older, primal operating system which bases itself on emotion and there may be a newer, cortico-cognitive system which may be the seat of reasoning and behavioral function.

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