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One of the most cost effective marketing strategies you can utilize is an online newsletter, also referred to as an E-Zine.

You can provide valuable content to your customers and potential customers with an E-Zine. The beauty of utilizing the Internet to distribute your information is often people will forward your information to others who have similar interest.

The key to success with an E-Zine is consistency in distribution. It won’t be beneficial to have a sporadic schedule. Distribution of your online publication should be done like clockwork. With all the automation tools available you can develop a system that is relatively trouble free.

For many, the greatest challenge will be the development of content. There are a few ways you can handle this. One, take a day to write several articles and put them in a file that you can easily access. That way, the writing is over and done.

Second, have others write articles for you. Many people are anxious to write for online newsletters.

Third, a quick Internet search is bound to produce several places you can access articles that are there for the taking. Usually, the only requirement is that you give full credit to the authors.

Because I love to write so much I prefer to write my own articles. And yet, if ever in a pinch, I know there are many options.

Here are some examples of well done E-Zines. Each has produced excellent results for name recognition, promotion opportunities and back end business. Notice all have a place to leave an email address. I highly recommend this in that this helps you to build a solid database of interested readers.

In my experience, I have found E-Zines, when sent to people who want them, are one of the most incredible marketing tools you can use.



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