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Advantages of Water Jet Cutting

When it comes to metal cutting, there are lots of ways that this task can be done. There are simple designs while some are crude as hack saws but then again, you can encounter cutting tools that are more technical which uses plasma and laser cutting tools. Of course, we can expect a downside to every metal cutting technology and product.

These can be anything from heat causing deformities together with cut line to a rough mess edge left all over. Not only that, some things can and can’t be cut regardless of what methods are used and this is where water jet cutting is put into use. This method has provided so many benefits which would be explained in the following paragraphs.

Number 1. No heat – the number one difference of water jet cutting than other methods is that, it doesn’t create heat. What this actually mean is that, you won’t see any warping, distorting or melting on edges which helps a lot in making precision cuts even on the most complicated parts.

Number 2. Precision – if you seek for high precision, then this is something that you should consider. Whether you believe it or not, this particular technology has a tolerance of 0.005″ when cutting. Obviously, you need to know that this technology isn’t cheap and given the fact that it has high precision not like everything else, the cost of set up and materials required for cutting is proportion to it too. But the great news is it’s doable. The cut is no doubt precise for everything is done automatically via computer installed with specialized software.

Number 3. Versatility – there are so many ways that work beautifully with different materials but not with others. Almost any materials could be cut effectively using water jet cutting. Noted exception is tempered glass and for sure, there are only handful specialized materials that it won’t work with. But some materials that it is capable to cut with high precision includes steels, all kinds of marble, wood, composites, aluminum, plastics and rubber.

Number 4. Clean up and time – also a great benefit of utilizing this cutting technology is cleanup. There is almost no reason to do cleanup or even secondary finishing operation like sanding or grinding for the fact that there is little to no burr or slag on parts. This as a result made the cutting quicker and gets the job done faster than other cutting technologies.

There are many other benefits as well that are associated with water jet cutting and some of these include but not limited to structural properties of materials aren’t affected as it’s cold cutting, high speed for faster completion of the job and fast turnaround time from drawing board to cutting the product.

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