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The future of email Newsletter – Llando Ford 07.28.2004 What are you doing with the Spam you receive? I’m sure you are not happy receiving it just like none between us.

You have installed already a good Spam filter or
you let your ISP to select your Spam and you
receive it already into your “Spam mail folder”
where from you can delete it easily.

But you as entrepreneur should carefully observe
your feelings doing this activity because I’m sure
You have got your own newsletter or if don’t, you
intend to start one in the near future.

Well at sending out your newsletter you have to
count with the fact that (especially if you are
using a bulk mail software) your email will land
eventually in the Spam folder of your subscriber.

He will retrieve the emails in his Spam mail
folder too because he is subscribed to several
newsletters and he is waiting for your info but
only if he is convinced that this info is of high
value for his interest niche.

How actual studies are showing contrary to what
some people may think newsletters still have a
great future.

Since not every small marketer can allow for
himself to use the “direct to desktop” technology
and very few costumers want to be bothered with
flashing graphics on their desktops the majority of
delivered news will still remain the “good old
email newsletter”.

So it seems you as owner of a newsletter are a
winner because you will post your newsletter in
the future too, but it becomes more important than
ever to deliver a relevant content.

Surveys are showing that people do not read
anything what seems to be waste of time.

Your newsletter must bring useful, up to date
information on your market niche without to
become boring at all.

What are this niche markets?

Everything what is not of general interest, and the
information about it is instant deliverable.

There are no limitations. You can write about
Your interests which could be gardening, pets, body
building, search engine optimization, everything
you love, or you feel passionate about.
This because if you love your topic you will never
run out of subjects, you will never loose your passion for it
and your prospects will always receive with your rows
the power of your enthusiasm which starts from your love.
for the given topic.

But you should avoid to start newsletters about a
topic you don’t love at all or do not feel any
passion about it because that will give you much
more headaches as money.

For a better understanding of this subject and not at last
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So as final conclusion: If you still don’t have your
own newsletter or want to start one more be
careful what you choose to be your topic. Finally
you want people to read your newsletter want to
build a huge list and want to think in very long
terms by publishing your newsletter.

Llando Ford Started The M.A.Newsletter in late 2003 with the goal to report about the latest Internet marketing news. On his website you will find a collection of marketing courses (some of them FREE), from the most reputed marketing gurus.

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