The Indie Film ‘Rage” Displays a Lean Story with Plenty of Meat on the Bone

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The simplicity of the action adventure film Rage is its most powerful draw. Released in 2010, Rage The Movie is an indie picture that reimagines the creative energy of Steven Spielberg’s 1971 classic, Duel. That respective film was one of Spielberg’s earliest releases, and it had a raw style to it that Rage captures with simple brilliance.

The film begins with Dennis Twist as it debates a big trip into the city for quite innocuous reasons. The film opens up why he wants to go to the city. He has a girlfriend behind the back of his main significant other, and the guilt is causing him to break up with her during this visit.

Twist breaks up with his side girlfriend, only to be reigned on by a terror that is very real and very upset. Rage is not a supernatural film akin to a Stephen King road story. It is the seemingly simple adventure of a man trying to do the right thing after messing up for so long. Twist is subsequently hunted down by a mysterious enemy. As the story unfolds, the conflict escalates with a daring intensity. It begs viewers to question, when will the ball drop?

The conflict is perhaps a manifestation of Twists’s guilt for cheating on his wife. The cleverness of the film portrays Twist is a sort of regular anti-hero. Though his actions are by no means admirable, the film begins with him wanting to take an admirable path. The film is driving viewers to cheer for the success of Twist, though his imperfections make him even more enthralling as a character. Rage is equally whimsical and dark. It has this captivating spirit of survival with the sinister backdrop of a regular suburban town.

The film is deceptively straightforward and character-driven. Its plot is only an excuse to explore the feelings o0f this single man, which is perhaps why Twist hardly ever seeks outside help. That would help his cause, and he could have ended the film a number of times if he was a bit more focused. Regardless, the drama is immediate and the action is realistic. In all, Rage delivers a lean story of guilt and terror in quiet suburbia.


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