Tips for Avoiding Some Still Frustrating and Still Very Real Modeling Scams

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The modeling industry, despite all the amazing and phenomenal things it has done for millions of men and women, has a more dubious side. Scams are becoming more complex and smarter in this technological age. Yet, the same tools that scam artists use to wrap people under their finger are the same tools people can use to find out what is really going on.

One Source Talent is a legitimate and long-standing modeling agency. They do not need to tell anyone that. Simply review their website, call one of the agents, or get in touch with someone that is currently active with the agency. One Source Talent has seem women and even men snubbed and caught in a trap that had a solid preamble of good money and a wonderful lifestyle. Even the smartest individuals get ensnared. One Source Talent suggests considering the below to avoid Modeling Company Scams.

Do Not Pay for Anything Until Results Are Seen

Agents often get paid on the business they provide a model. So why are so many agents trying to sell models on extra packages and special photography sessions? A model should not pay. It defeats the purpose and is an immediate red flag that this is not what it appears to be., The model is the asset, and is the one getting paid- not the other way around.

Selective Choosing, Selective History

A final note is one that goes forgotten when people are enamored and excited. It is so obvious, it will only be mentioned briefly. Please look up a company online followed by the word ‘scam.’ Any model burned by a company is likely to speak out about it. Do proper research. Get business cards from people involved and look up their name. The web has a lot of lies, but it can also be a thoughtful source to avoid what others have already experienced. Also be aware that solid companies do not just sign anyone. If a model had one meeting with someone and they are pulling out the paperwork and ready to go, be forewarned. Reputable companies are more selective than that. If a company is in business for only a few months, stay away. Be aware of these realities in the modeling industry.


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