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How to Choose a Photo Booth Rental Company

Are you planning to rent a photo booth for an upcoming event? Whether it’s a wedding, a wedding anniversary, a corporate party or any special occasion, a photo booth can only provide more unforgettable memories for everyone. If you ask those who have rented or used one, expect them to rave about the experience.

What’s great about photo booth rentals is there are many providers to consider. So how do you choose a good one?

Quality of Prints

The reality is, a lot of photo booth rentals don’t produce photo quality prints. That’s the reason you should always ask an online provider to mail you samples. Have two or three prospects, compare their pictures, and be amazed by the difference.

Image Size

Find out the size of the photos created by the booth. You’ll never know when you a fab shot is coming. Be sure you can enlarge the print it when it does.

Booth Size

In terms of photo booths, larger is better. A bigger both equals more people accommodated and more possibilities too.


Yes, photo crop makes a difference. In most cases, rentals use a horizontal crop that only works for up to three people. A booth that uses a vertical crop will allow a bigger group of people in each picture or more room to make a good pose.

Backup Equipment

This is probably an important event or you wouldn’t care renting a photo booth. Be sure you pick a provider that will be available from beginning to end. In short, they should be well backed up, equipment wise. You wouldn’t believe many of these “providers” run their business from a cellphone and have literally just one booth. What if that one and only booth breaks down on the night prior to your event? You really need to do some homework before choosing a provider. Online reviews can be so useful.

File Keeping

Another thing you’d like to know about a photo booth provider is their file storage procedure. For instance, will they keep the files after you have received your DVD? Do they save files on a crash-prone hard drive?


Lastly, be sure that your agreement with the provider is put in black and white for mutual protection. And pay attention to the terms on running time. Some companies will only guarantee 70% of the total agreed running time. The question is, will they charge you 70% of the bill? This may seem really crazy but make sure you are clear on this before you sign their contract. There’s no excuse for them not to give you your full money’s worth. It’s your right to demand it as a customer.

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