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Hints to Buying Heavy Duty Bike Locks

Stealing of bikes has become a major menace in cities and towns which has increased notably in the recent days. Tracing to a stolen bike has proved to be challenging in most cases. People have tried to curb bicycle theft by imposing several techniques which have although proved to be unsuccessful. If you are to minimize the chances of your bike getting stolen and consequently chasing after a thief, it is proper that you lock it to restrain it from moving easily.

It will be required that you do a survey to update yourself on the quality of goods in the market if you are to buy a heavy duty bike lock. The internet will be very beneficial to you in determining the types and qualities of bike locks that will be available to in the market and the various ways you can reach the dealers to do business with them. Friends can also be essential in your research especially those who have experience in bikes and their locks. It is very important that you carry out an investigation that is complete on how to find a bicycle lock if you ought to find the best and one which is not easily cut.

You secondly ought to think of the best style of your heavy duty bike lock that you will be more satisfied with. Among the styles of bike locks that are available for you to make a choice from may include: cable locks, chain locks, seat skewers or even bike lock keys. For most people, u-lock is the most preferred style. U-locks are the most favorite because they are able to survive very high breakage force that may be subjected on them by thieves using hammers or chisels. If the chances of leveraging a horse-shoe shaped bicycle lock are to be insignificant, the lock ought to be sized to fit exactly on the bicycle component to be locked. Consequently, it will reduce the space to insert a crowbar to pop it apart. It is difficult to cut down chain locks using hacksaws or chisels and therefore they can be used in places with high records of such a crime. You should consider the style of the bike lock depending on the security status of the place.

The quality of the material that the bike lock is made up in terms of effectiveness is the third key factor that should be taken into consideration. The materials making up a heavy duty bike lock may include hardened steel or an outlandish material like titanium. In the current world market, you will realize that most bike locks are made of softer alloys which can be easily cracked down by hacksaws, bolt cutters and chisels. Due to the quality of materials that make up the heavy duty bike locks, they are sometimes very expensive.

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