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Things You Need to Know About a Divorce Process

If you are planning of a divorce, note that each divorce is different. It is essential to note that a divorce of a couple that is quite new, without children and little debts and property may be easier when compared to a divorce of a couple which has been married for a long period and with property and children while a divorce with children and property may a bit complex. It is also essential to note that in a case where the parties tend to agree by themselves, the process tends to be quicker and easier.

The first step of a divorce is filing a petition. It is essential to note that even when both parties have agreed that they want a divorce, one may need to consider presenting a petition to the court asking for a divorce. One may also need to include the grounds. It is recommendable that one goes for a divorce lawyer to guide him or her.

The next step tends to be the temporary orders. Temporary orders revolves around instances where one spouse relies on the other or on who will be in custody of children. The temporary order retains its powers till the full hearing. One would need to note that filing for temporary orders is best when filed within the shortest time. One may need to seek temporary orders in a case where he or she needs them but also tend to be not the one filing the divorce.

The service of process is a document is yet another step showing proof that the divorce petition was given to the remaining party. One may also need to know of the dignified and the undignified service of process. The service of process is dignified where both parties agree to meet with the attorney while the undignified involves presenting of divorce papers at one’s place of work.

The respondent may consider disputing the divorce on the grounds it was petitioned. Other parties such as social workers, guardians, the court employees may also be involved in some critical differences such as child custody and visitation. It would be wise for one to make sure that the divorce process does not go for trial.

The order of dissolution tends to be the last step and tends to involve ending of marriage as well as spelling out how debts and property is to be divided. In a case where the order of dissolution meets the legal requirements and the parties involved are okay with the decisions, the judge approves it. It would be wise for one to make sure that he or she involves a divorce attorney right from the moment one knows that he or she is about to get into divorce issues.

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