Wide Range Taser Crowd or Demostrator Displacement Unit

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Wide Range Taser Crowd Control VS ELF or VLF to prevent out of hand protests which can lead to blood shed. This new technology might be deployed against an army or for crowd control? Taser Guns for crowd control? Many people at once:


This is an interesting idea, yet we can also put people to sleep via ELF or VLF and/or make them mellow out and therefore no escalation of protestors which could lead to tear gas, rubber bullets, hand to hand contact via night sticks etc. I believe there are many uses for this wide range area taser unit, for instance immobilizing your enemy without killing him and therefore you do not have the rath of their offspring wanting revenge in the next period against your country or citizenry as enemies, allies and friends are a constant flowing issue throughout the history of mankind. For instance the enemy of you enemy is your friend today and your enemy tomorrow and so on.


I realize that there is much controversy on this subject. And believe that perimeter controls of Nuclear Power Plants, Pipelines, etc. will have needs for the higher level power settings which would stun or incapacitate the intruder, but in the case of free demonstrations, freedom of speech, etc. I see issues on both sides. Plato discusses making examples of those who cause problems of leadership so that a small demostration does not grow in numbers and power and end up dividing the society and eventually bringing down the civilization. So there are issues on both sides as gang mentality can cause humans to do some really bizarre and hurful things they would never do one on one such as stoning others to death, hangings, beatings and riots.

There are many who are quite appalled at this stuff even to the point of conspiracy theories run wild and actually causing the very backlash that they claim exists.


This technology when used must be used correctly and with people in mind in non-war efforts otherwise we might cause further problems in the culture. This technology is a very good tool for certain things and is of value, however could cause problems to the whole.

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