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For 20 years my actual job was working on a computer, then I decided to buy a personal computer to work from home. This was the best decision I have ever made. Obviously I got myself Internet and one day while I was surfing the Net, I accidentally came across affiliated programmes and subscribed to one of the newsletters. After that I have never looked back.

At that stage I wondered how many people out there knew about all the money one can make on the Net working from home? As I am a very nosy person, all the letters I received after that, tickled me pink. I started to find out what this was all about. Then I realized that there are people out there waiting for me to start a new beginning. Needless to say I was sick of my current job. Working for 20 years without any promotion, salary ain’t getting better, things getting more hectic by the day! That is when I decided to take a break.

The best of it all is that once you get started on your own home business, help is available everywhere, even if you are a total newbie on the Internet as well as a computer. Actually to become a home entrepreneur is extremely easy. I would like to inform you that at this stage in time I am still working full day, married with 2 young kids and that did not stop me at all!

If you do not know anything about Internet marketing, how to advertise etc. that is no problem! Like I have said before, help is just a click away! The whole home-entrepreneurs-thing on the Internet is a family thing. I gathered that after just a few weeks that everybody seems to help everybody. That is just fantastic. Please remember that only some of the things you have to do to let your business run smoothly, is for free. But you must bear in mind that a small budget is of utmost importance. Nobody can operate without money. You do need a small budget. When you have a website and are signed up with one or more affiliate programmes, let all your friends in your address book know what your plan of action is so that they also can benefit from what you are doing. This home business of yours depends entirely on you at what pace you want to move.

I would like to give you a few pointers :


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