Marketing with Special Reports. 5 Ways to Develop Content Your Prospects Can’t Wait to Read

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So you’ve decided to start publishing an e-newsletter, or you’d like to develop a Special Report as an added-value for your customers, or maybe you’ve even decided to teach a teleclass or a seminar as a way to bring prospects into your business.

Diet: Changing Your Focus

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Have you ever decided to take a trip somewhere relatively unfamiliar? Suddenly, everywhere you look, there is something about your planned destination. Turn on a television travel channel and it is featured. Pick up a newspaper and there is an article about it. Why this sudden universal interest in somewhere you had never really thought […]

Aim 2 Gain

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For 20 years my actual job was working on a computer, then I decided to buy a personal computer to work from home. This was the best decision I have ever made. Obviously I got myself Internet and one day while I was surfing the Net, I accidentally came across affiliated programmes and subscribed to […]