Are Your Subscribers Receiving Your Newsletter?

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In my e-mail one day, I received the following message: “Hello, I am a subscriber to your ezine and received the attached e-mail. Please advise if this is actually from your website. Thank you.”

Top 10 Benefits Of Submitting Articles To E-zines

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When I started Ezine-In-A-Box I wanted to help people publish their own email newsletter without writing a single word. However, there are many benefits to writing articles and submitting them to other ezines. Below is 10 good reasons you should be writing and submitting articles to ezines.


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What is an ezine? An ezine is an abbreviation for

13 Ways To A Build A List Of Readers Of Your Ezine

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If you have an ezine or online newsletter you want to send it to potential customers. In order to send it you need a list of people who want to receive it. This article is about how you build a list of subscribers to your ezine.

Need Ezine Content – Think Holidays

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Publishing an ezine certainly has its benefits and rewards, but even the most prolific publishers often need more content ideas, topics and graphics.

Eight Tips for Ezine Writers

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Have you ever wondered why Ezine Articles have become one of the most effective marketing techniques on the Web?