Nine Reasons To Embrace Failure

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I’ve always heard that “public speaking” is the number one most common fear. According to a recent survey I conducted in my e-newsletter, however, this is not the case. Overwhelmingly my readership chose

Save Time and Boost Profits with Free Content

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Public domain gives you a head start creating ebooks, ecourses, newsletters, teleconferences, website content and email registration incentives you need to keep in constant touch with clients and prospects.

How Real PR Works

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For some, public relations works well when their news release or special event winds up in the newspaper or on the radio.

Creating Demand With Email Newsletters

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You’ve launched your web site. You’ve implemented a public relations campaign and spent oodles of money advertising in trade journals, magazines and newspapers. But your site’s daily visitors are still in single digits and your sales are…well let’s just say that early retirement is no longer an option.

When Tactics Are Not Enough

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Your public relations people are busy. The buzz is all about hits on a radio show or mentions in a newspaper column. Or, which to do first, the trade show exhibit or the video clip. All useful tactics, but hardly the detailed planning needed to REALLY do something about the behaviors of those outside audiences […]

PR: Time For a New Playbook?

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When your public relations results pretty much depend on whether your news item gets used in a newspaper column or on a radio talk show, you may be ready for a fresh approach.