Good News?

Yazan: admin | 24 December 2013 | No Comments
Categories: Stocks Mutual Funds

As the man said, “I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news. What do you want to hear first?” It was replied, “Tell me the good news first”. The good news is that they are going to make some changes in the mutual fund industry reporting to help the investor and the […]

Unleash It!

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Categories: Leadership

On airplanes, in restaurants, in the newspaper and on television, I often hear people saying their businesses are not growing to their satisfaction or that they are not reaching their objectives.

Violence in Media

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Categories: Parenting

In the news, we hear and see an increasing number of reports about violence among children. This goes from rude fights on the playground to armed incidents in schools that result in injuries or even casualties.

Telling It Like It Is (Or Can Be)

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Categories: Creativity

When you hear, “tell me a story,” does your mind suddenly go blank? Don’t panic. The good news is, you’re already a natural storyteller! Surprised? You shouldn’t be. It’s built right into our genetic code. Human beings are a storytelling species. Of all the creatures on Earth, we’re the only ones that share past memories […]

How Not to Kill Mold

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Categories: Home and Family

We hear about mold in the news all the time.

Golf Flexibility For The Senior Golfer

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Categories: Golf

Golf flexibility is the biggest term you hear when the senior golfer is complaining about lack of distance or a sore back.