Refresh Your Web Site

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So you have a Web site. And so does most every business these days. But what you really need is a way to set your business apart from the competition, an online presence that will keep clients and prospects coming back again and again.

Several Red Flags for Spotting a Phony or Scam

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The world is full of phonies and scammers these days. They use various mediums such as phone solicitation, spam email, magazine and newspapers ads, TV infomercials, and plain old snail mail. They are constantly searching for their next victim. Like P.T. Barnum once said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”, so there’s a plenteous pool.

Gotta Know Now Software Watches Web Pages For You

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Too many days I found myself constantly checking the same financial news web pages for any news about the companies I was currently invested in. Between clicking on these web pages and constantly clicking on other financial web pages to obtain stock quotes, I was driving myself crazy and wasting a lot of time that […]

More Wasted Online Real Estate

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In a very recent newsletter (two days ago) I wrote to tell you about maximizing the income from your web sites by making sure you use every available piece of “online real estate”.

Your Newsletters Are Pretty Lame If You Are Doing These 7 Things

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I remember the good old days of the internet when it was a real treat to subscribe to someone’s newsletter and receive all their wonderful information through the convenience of your email.

Mexico: A “Third World Country”?

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I haven’t written much in the past 5 days because I’ve been a little depressed. Ok, I’ve been a LOT depressed. What happened is that I have a book coming out, something for which I should leap for joy, but am not. The reason I am not is that I am catching all sorts of […]