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So you have a Web site. And so does most every business these days. But what you really need is a way to set your business apart from the competition, an online presence that will keep clients and prospects coming back again and again.

As usual, outstanding content may be your solution. While clear, well-written content is vital (see my June 2004 newsletter for tips about this), fresh, well-written content may be even more important for bringing new and repeat visitors to your site. Fresh, or regularly updated content, can help you and your business in several ways:

1. Higher rankings. Frequent updates can help your site rank higher in search engines, making it easier for Web surfers to find you.
2. Regular visitors. Often-refreshed content can keep your site interesting, giving visitors a reason to check back frequently for new information.
3. Updated appearance. Adding new content on a regular basis makes your site appear current. When a Web site’s most recent update is from August 2002, visitors may question whether the company is dependable or even still in business.
4. Enhanced reputation. Regularly freshened content can help establish your company as an expert resource for your target audience. By providing frequent updates and useful information, focused on your target market, you’ll keep them coming back for more of your expertise and eventually, to buy your products and services.

Keeping content fresh sounds like a big job, you may say. Just how often am I supposed to be updating my site


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