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The Makings of a Personal Essay, Really

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Sometimes I can be dense when it comes to realizing the potential of my own life experiences as essays for magazines. I, of course, fully believe that everything in my life is newsworthy, but sometimes have trouble figuring out which experiences will hit home with other people.

What I’ve Learned From My Subscribers

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As editor/publisher of Book Promotion Newsletter, I am fortunate in having an eclectic group of subscribers who number in the thousands. The ezine is interactive and subscribers are encouraged to share their innovative marketing techniques.

How To Get Free Publicity For Your Home Business

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Did you know you can get free newspaper and television advertising for your home business? How? Just pick up the telephone and call your local media and tell them all about your home business. If they think your home business is interesting enough, they’ll come out and interview you, and just like that–free publicity!

Simultaneous Article Submission

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Do you know the difference between simultaneous article submissions and multiple submissions?

Bankers in Denial

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Denial is a ubiquitous psychological defense mechanism. It involves the repression of bad news, unpleasant information, and anxiety-inducing experiences. Judging by the German press, the country is in a state of denial regarding the waning health of its economy and the dwindling fortunes of its financial system.

Using Your Controllable Advantages

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Good news: You can beat your competition.