Successful Tendering – Preparation is the Key

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In the article Getting Involved in the Global Development Market (available in full in Latest News at I commented that while tendering skills are critical, in isolation of other key activities success is a lottery.

Simultaneous Article Submission

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Do you know the difference between simultaneous article submissions and multiple submissions?

Advertising on a Budget — Part 2: Thinking Small

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This is the second article of a three-part series. I’m illustrating the marketing challenges of a small business,

Psychological Tricks in Selling

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Top 10 Ways to Sell your Product or Service While you Sleep – Part 2

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Part one of this article is available at

Is Someone Plagiarizing Your Work?

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About two weeks ago I received an article submissionthat immediately attracted my attention. The title wasidentical to the title of an article I wrote and whichwas published in ‘WebProNews’ in May 1999.