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The Flu Hysteria and Your Family

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(originally in Nov. 2004 ZoneNet Newsletter)

E-Mail Media Releases

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E-mail is becoming the preferred way to receive media releases. Although it can sometimes be harder to get valid e-mail addresses for media contacts, e-mail releases are more likely to be read than faxes and faster than snail mail.

What Travel Agents Won’t Talk About Can Save You 50% to 70% on All Vacations

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Are you planning your next trip? Do you want to save more money and have more fun? You may stop by a travel center and ask for a quote. And then, you walk by another travel agent and ask for another quote. You read your local newspapers, look through travel magazines, and check for the […]

16 Publicity tips for Restaurants

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With a dismal failure rate of more than 75 percent among restaurants, you must be sure you do everything you possibly can do to promote your restaurant through free publicity. Here are 16 tips that will boost your publicity efforts and help you finally get noticed–even if you don’t have a big advertising budget.

Closing The Sale

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Several weeks ago I asked my Newsletter subscribers to send me their biggest sales challenges. So far, I have received 275 challenges. While I am still in the process of categorizing them, Inoticed that a number of them mentioned “Closing the sale” as yourbiggest challenge.

10 Secrets to Get Your Press Release Noticed

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It’s difficult enough running the day-to-day aspects of a business, let alone trying to drum up new business as you go. But according to Shannon Cherry, APR, even if you have additional staff helping to get the word out about your products and services, location and prices, delivery and sales support, news releases can make […]