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Indiana Jones and the Cave of John the Baptist

Yazan: admin | 24 September 2012 | No Comments
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The discovery of “the cave of John the Baptist” not far away from Jerusalem was a great journalistic drama. Archaeological news easily lights the imagination. Remember the movie series of Indiana Jones. Is it true that John the Baptist began to baptize his followers in this cave? Let us go over the facts, and find […]

Denver-for-free: A Fun-filled Day Of Free Things To Do Around Denver

Yazan: admin | 20 September 2012 | No Comments
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Whether you are planning a vacation to Denver, or you’re a local looking for something new to see or do, chances are you’d like to find something for free. Good news: you’ve come to the right place!

What Travel Agents Won’t Talk About Can Save You 50% to 70% on All Vacations

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Are you planning your next trip? Do you want to save more money and have more fun? You may stop by a travel center and ask for a quote. And then, you walk by another travel agent and ask for another quote. You read your local newspapers, look through travel magazines, and check for the […]