Win More Sales with Customer Newsletters – More Small Business Power Tools

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One of the most powerful ways for small businesses to increase sales and keep customers coming back for more is to mail them a newsletter periodically.

How To Get New Business

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Market, Market and then market some more. So many small and home-business owners do what we call spot marketing. They market hard for their business, get a response then stop marketing.

Now Is A Great Time To Sell!

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Its official. The news just came out. Yes, we are now in a recession!

Are You Sabotaging Your Marketing Success?

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What?!? Sabotage your own success? Who would do that? Well, you’d be surprised how many small business owners think they are effectively marketing their business, when in fact they are cutting their own throat.

Local Search and Internet Yellow Pages – A Whole NewVocabulary for Small Businesss

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Buyers want both online and local information about where to buy Most small businesses are local in nature, serving people who live nearby. Their customers found them through traditional methods like the Yellow Pages or newspaper ads. So far, the Internet hasn’t figured prominently in their marketing efforts. That’s about to change, as Local Search […]

8 Killer Mistakes For Ezine Failure You Must Avoid

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It is true that sometimes in life there is a small line between failure and success. The same thing applies with ezines and newsletters. Some details we consider unimportant are the keys for the success of our publication or failure.