Don’t Baffle Me – Talk to Me

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Congratulations, all you Internet marketing people you. You now command a whopping 3% of total advertising and marketing budget. Hey, it’s better than, well…2%. And the number is trending higher. That’s good too.

Don’t Treat Your Business Like a Casino

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It’s amazing how many people are jumping into the internet marketing business. The good news is that the pie is pretty unlimited so we can all get a nice slice. The bad news is that most of the people I encounter are thinking that they can buy some “miracle” product, sit around and money will […]

Top 10 Benefits Of Submitting Articles To E-zines

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When I started Ezine-In-A-Box I wanted to help people publish their own email newsletter without writing a single word. However, there are many benefits to writing articles and submitting them to other ezines. Below is 10 good reasons you should be writing and submitting articles to ezines.

Creating Your Own Success Support System

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People who are on the same journey tend to band together, and the journey of life is no different. Throughout the Internet and in the real world, like-minded travelers have joined to form support groups, newsgroups, goal-buddy groups, chat rooms, tele-groups (using conference call telephone bridge lines) coaching groups, and mailing lists (email or snail […]

Be Selfish With Your Goals

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All too often good-intentioned people set forth goals designed to satiate others rather than themselves. While the intent is honorable, the results will likely lead to failure. Why? As the somewhat provocative title of this article indicates, you need to be selfish with your goals and select ones that mean something to you.

5 Tips to Reduce Depression

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While war and poor economic conditions begin to affect people all over the world, more and more people suffer with depression. The more we focus on news events and the business climate, the more we are depressed. Whatever the reason you feel is the cause of your depression, the following five simple tips guarantee you […]