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Creating Your Own Success Support System

Yazan: admin | 11 June 2013 | No Comments
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People who are on the same journey tend to band together, and the journey of life is no different. Throughout the Internet and in the real world, like-minded travelers have joined to form support groups, newsgroups, goal-buddy groups, chat rooms, tele-groups (using conference call telephone bridge lines) coaching groups, and mailing lists (email or snail […]

The 80/20 Success Secret

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Have you ever wondered if there was a way to apply the Pareto Principle or 80/20 Principle to success or rather becoming successful?

Effective Strategies for Stopping Procrastination

Yazan: admin | 26 December 2012 | No Comments
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You will have the greatest success if you read the first newsletter and take some time to observe your own procrastination patterns. Once you have accomplished that, choose a few of the strategies outlined here. Keep working at it until you understand what you need to do to stop putting things off.

Do You Really Think So?

Yazan: admin | 18 September 2011 | No Comments
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It’s not new news. It’s not some ethereal theory. It’s not a fanciful philosophy without any direct application to your day-to-day life. It is the single most important piece of knowledge possessed by humanity. It is the primary cause behind your success or failure in life.

Becoming a Success Giant!

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Inoculate Yourself Against Negativity

Yazan: admin | 14 October 2010 | No Comments
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Unfortunately we come into contact with negativity everyday. We can’t avoid it. But we do not have to let ourselves be effected by it. So protect yourself from it.